instructorsHave you ever wanted to run your own dance program or academy and didn’t know where to start? Have you been looking for a way to receive credentials as a dance instructor? Are you ready to earn the income you deserve for your invaluable skill?

Becoming a Janine Elizabeth’s Academy of Dance Certified Instructor is a valuable stepping stone in your career as a dance instructor. It is a unique opportunity for you to grow, learn, and be a part of a community of people who love to teach dance and share in the same passions for the art form as you. Throughout the certification process you will learn the critical steps in managing a Janine Elizabeth’s Academy of Dance, the premise behind our syllabus, and some of the most effective teaching techniques in the industry. The certification process involves a weekend certification seminar along with a minimum of 8 hours of observational training. Certification seminars are held periodically throughout the year.

After completing the certification and training you will be well on your way to running your very own Janine Elizabeth’s Academy of Dance. Once you are linked with a facility, you will have the flexibility to make your own hours in accordance with the facility’s available space. Our Certified Instructors earn between $32 and $60 per class! Support from Janine Elizabeth’s Academy of Dance staff and teachers in your surrounding area are always available for assistance, advice, and suggestions to make your academy successful. Quarterly evaluations are held to ensure program quality and offer you any needed support to make your program reach its maximum potential.

To become a Janine Elizabeth’s Academy of Dance Certified Instructor send dance resume, headshot, and/or dance photo to Teaching experience is a plus but not required. Adequate dance training is a must.

Meet Our Instructors:  Janine Elizabeth  |  Krystal Wray  |  Risa Mochizuki  |  Caitlin McHugh

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